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School Road follows the path Martin takes to school, on the same morning, over and over.
Can he figure out how to make there on time or at least how to not get bounced back?


Martin: The main character, trying to get to school on time but seems to be stuck in a loop. Nobody else seems to notice things repeating.

???: A crying boy you meet at an intersection.

???: An angry looking girl that seems to be blocking the shortest way to school.

???: Some sort of spider that seems to know what's going on.


So for Nano this year I decided to go for something of a smaller scale in the hopes of getting in completed within the month. :3
So it should be pretty short in the end, even with the looping. [size=85]Though I'm not sure how short exactly yet.[/size]

Current Progress:
So i ended up with a bunch of other things taking time from working on this so i didn't get very far during the nanoreno2019 time limit. Its very bare-bones atm.

StatusIn development
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure, Visual Novel
TagsMeaningful Choices, Time Travel


SchoolRoad-0.1-pc.zip 71 MB


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Can you export a Mac version?

Once i get the final version finished up i'll be sure to include a Mac version.