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Eleanor was walking home from work when she stumbled upon a small dog in cardboard box. 

Its such a nice and friendly dog that they bond easily, but with the disappearances that have started happening in the area, so Eleanor-

Eleanor is fine. Eleanor is protected.


PUPPY is a short kinetic novel about a girl who adopts a stray dog and they live their everyday lives together, happily. Together forever. 

Created in the month of September for the 4th annual Spooktober Visual Novel Jam!



Solo project by Marionette

Girl Sprite by LisadiKaprio


Content warnings:

Animal harm - Implied but not directly shown

Descriptions of Body Horror / Tentacles


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PUPPY-1.0-mac.zip 21 MB
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Gave it a Let's Play and my criticism/feedback within and at the end of the video 

Played all the way through and enjoyed! I’ll be transparent I did insert some music on my end for my playthrough video but it was honestly only to temper the longer quiet moments. Thank you!


This was a fun playthrough to watch. :D

I meant to reply earlier aaa!! Thank you so much for watching my playthrough! And thank YOU for making this! I’ll be honest I am always a little anxious what a dev will think of me adding audio bits during my playthroughs so hearing it was fun makes me feel pretty good c:



I think your additions give more of a spooky/horror vibe to the game compared to the original audio where i was going for more a otherworldly vibe than explicitly horror. lol

I feel so bad for Eleanor. I wasn't expecting that puppy to actually harm her at the end.

That ending gave me chills hahaha. That was pretty good. Nice effect with the text.

I liked this visual novel.

The horror label was very appropriate, but the the puppy's intentions were sweet, though somewhat misguided.

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oh, LisadiKaprio's kuudere sprite! so cute:3