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This morning Jessica work up in an unfamiliar body. Or rather a very familiar body, that of her pet cat Clawdia. Can Jessicat find out the claws of her transformation and reverse the change, or will she be stuck eating kibble and chasing mice furever?



Clawdia Jessicat:

Jessica went to sleep a person and awoke a feline, almost as if the heavens had finally decided to punish her overuse of cat puns. She's going to need more wits than cat puns to get out of this one though.

Cat art by ray-en:

Jessica Clawdia:

Clawdia is Jessica's playful cat, she doesn't seem all that bothered about being stuck in a human body. Does she even realize she's not in her own body? Unfortunately, she's not very useful for doing human stuff and continues to act like a big hairless cat. But maybe there's a way to use her feline instincts to your advantage?

Character art by Ran (kyu-kyu-nya):


Jessica's housemate, she has a mild cat allergy and hates when Clawdia gets in her stuff, which of course in typical cat fashion is Clawdias favorite thing to do. But apart from that she's pretty friendly and gets along well with Jessica and her cat. She doesn't seem to be home at the moment though, I guess she won't be helping Jessica out much with her problem.


Project Overview:

The game will be a point and click adventure style visual novel.
Since I'm currently going solo on this one most of the art/music assets will likely be creative commons. 
I'm not sure how long it's going to be, but it will probably be reasonably short.
My main goal is to get it finished in the month I have available, so we will see what I end up with at the end of it.

Content warning: May contain terrible cat puns. :3

Update: So nanoreno2018 is over and i havent quite finished yet. I've included a demo build for now. Its still unfinished but you can explore the first few rooms of the game.

Full game comming soon!

Ps. If you see any issues let me know here or on twitter @CodeMarionette


GetMeowtofhere-0.3-mac.zip 41 MB
GetMeowtofhere-0.3-pc.zip 56 MB


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Hey there.  Love the idea for the game, but as as highelves03 said, I'm stuck as well. Did you have a different build for the demo? I see your other screenshots. I want to leave the room :'(

Love the game. I wish there was a mini guide. I've tried everything but can't get past the first room.