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This was a really fun and cute concept! We failed terribly in identifying the culprit, but we had a great time regardless! Our playthrough of it starts around 35 minutes in :)

This was such a cute little game and a really cool concept, I like the art, and the music chosen for it was perfect. Great job on this game!

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Interesting premise, but I'm not sure how to feel about the fact that all the endings end with the donut being eaten regardless of who gets accused.

nice game!!! i got all the endings

Pretty cute. I like the fact that all the snakes have names with an 's' in the middle and they're all spelt with three S's. It was nice to get all the endings so quickly too.


I love everything about this. The concept is fun. Presentation is cute. The mystery has the right difficulty for me. The snakes also had distinct personalities, despite it only being a 1000 words.

Also, I just adore the snake-font with the tiny little eyes!
Did you make this font, or is it available from a 3rd party?

The font is 'Snake Chan' by Darrell Flood.
As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for this sort of project.

Also really glad to hear you enjoyed the game. <3

Thans. Yes, the font fits perfectly.

nice game! <3


I don't mean to nit-pick or whatever, because this does look like it'll be a good game (Haven't played yet), but Medusa was just a name, not the name of the species, which is gorgon.

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Yeah, I know, but I reckon more people will recognise the name 'Medusa' over the species Gorgon, kinda like if you say Frankenstein and you really mean Frankenstein's Monster people will understand that even though its 'technically' wrong.

Plus I have to get that alliteration in somehow. lol

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True. I know, lousy answer that I probably shouldn't've even bothered writing. By the way, that was a fast response, you really pay attention to these comments.

I just happened to be on the site already when i got the notification. Lol

that was fun :) good little visual novel

this is such a clever way to work within the jam limitations! i loved all the snakes.

(just as a note though, even after i got ending 4, it doesn't seem to show up in the endings list - it stays as 4. ???)

Yeah I think that's a small bug where its not setting that ending as seen. :(

Probably not worth downloading a new version just for this, but the issue is fixed as of v1.01. lol

I loved this game. It's short but all the snakes have their own personalities and the overall mystery is fun to uncover by talking to each of them. A gorgon as the only asset was clever since it let you add characters via her hair snakes. Well done!

It's the 3rd game I played in this video.

I really like watching people play through my games so thanks for the Video!
Glad you enjoyed solving the mystery. :D

Very fun and cute short game ^-^ 

Thanks ^.^

fantassstic, adorable, amazing concept! i love it!


Thanksss! :3

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Someone else made a Medusa game in this jam? I had to try it...

This is a really neat use of the limitations, and a cute story too!


Yeah, when I saw someone else had made a Medusa game, it jumped right to the top of my 'must play' list. lol
Really glad you liked it. :)

This was such an amazing and creative way to work with the jam constraints! And so much fun! <3


Glad you liked it!

Okay, I saw this and couldn't not play it. It's hilarious and adorable and made me feel for all of the snakesss in under 1000 words, AND created a mystery/puzzle that took some thought to work through. Very nice small experience!

Yeah getting it under 1000 words was probably the hardest part of the jam. lol
Really glad to hear you enjoyed it!